Websites talking about Favela Cloud:

TG daily
Futuristic favela cloud reimagines Rio’s Slums

Urban Times
‘Favela Cloud’ Would Raise the Slums to the Skies

Favela Cloud: New Spatial and Social Possibilities in Rio de Janeiro

Desing Buzz
Favela Cloud is an air borne public hub proposed for a habitation in Rio de Janeiro

Learning From Lagos: Contemporary Architects Harvest the Slums for Design Inspiration

ArchDaily Brazil
“Favela Cloud”: Novas Possibilidades Espaciais e Sociais no Rio de Janeiro

Plataforma Arquitectura (in Spanish)
“Favela Cloud”: Nuevas Posiblidades Espaciales y Sociales en Rio de Janeiro

Exame (in Portuguese)
Projeto futurista transforma favela em “nuvem”

The Creators Project + interview
Favela Cloud Imagines The Slums Of Rio As Futuristic Architectureture

The Creators Project (in Portuguese) + interview
Favela Cloud: Um Curioso Projeto De Arquitetura No Morro Santa Marta

Fast Co. Exist
Favela Cloud Turns A Rio Slum Into An Architectural Heaven

Living Design(in Portuguese) + interview
Favela carioca serve de inspiração para construção futurista

Favela Cloud

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